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    are easy to eat!" - Steve Way
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Food is more than just fuel

Welcome to Chia Charge. Food is more than just fuel and it should taste good as well as doing you good.

Browse around and learn about chia seeds and look at our Flapjacks, Trail Mix and Chia Charge drink, they have been used all over the world from the US to Nepal by fantastic and amazing athletes.

You’ll find great reviews of both chia seeds and Chia Charge products on this site and around the web. If you’re looking to jump right in, why not buy our Chia Charge sample pack. For the sugar and gluten conscious consumers, we've created the Sugar Free,Gluten Free Chia Charge Pack.

We make products that you can enjoy eating and drinking as they help prolong your activity and help you perform to the standard you believe you are capable of, try our products and let me know what you think of them.

Thanks for reading this and keep on moving.

- Tim

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